10 Skills That Can Pay $10K Per Month

10 skills that can pay $10k per month. Sounds good. Yes, it is. To make it reality One must acquire any of these skills that can pay handsome amount of money per month.

Working online and earning money is no misnomer. There are plenty of sources available to generate good income. In fact, the payments are much merrier than the senior positions paying offline.

Youngsters with or without technical background have been getting attracted to this method of working to earn money. Open up the internet and find the flooded ways and means to get guidance to earn money, all said and done, it may not be that easy to receive big sum of money, one really needs to understand that there is no earning without learning.

Although, there are different methods that can be adopted to go ahead, however, acquiring the right skills, that are best suitable for an individual. This always helps to gain mastery and perform better. It entirely depends upon the person to choose after studying the methodology and getting comfortable to produce results.

Although, mentioned here are 10 skills that can pay $10k per month, it is advisable that you keep the list of options ready. You need to change this in case of any contingency. Choosing a platform to work will be depending upon the self-interest and inner voice which are prime factors to decide and make a dent.


Here are the 10 skills that can pay $10k per month.

1. Funnel Building

2. Content Writing

3. WEB Development

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Email Marketing

6. Video Channel

7. App Development

8. Graphic Designer

9. Podcasting

10. Course Creation


1. Funnel Building

A process involving conversion of sales funnel by applying different parameters and usage of key words, graphics, visuals and certainly the effective content. A sales funnel uses a process to guide the customer from initial stage to become a buyer which happens using few steps.

It also aids in identification of customer, to know the needs of customer and finally bringing to close the deal. It is a system of converting a prospect into a paid customer.

This funnel basically works on the principle of AIDA that is Awareness creation, Interest arousal, Desire or decision and Action.

1. Awareness: It is created by promoting products or services through different media to spread the details to reach at audiences. This mainly happens with advertisements, landing pages, social media or sending emails.

2. Interest: Prospects while exploring the requirements, express their interest which can fulfil the needs. Spend good amount of time on pages to know more about the product.

3. Decision: Evaluating the product or services in the form of pricing, availability, features and after support. Accordingly, decision is taken to close on the deal.

4. Action: Once satisfied with all the parameters, payments are made and sales happens.


2. Content Writing

10 Skills That Can Pay $10K Per Month

Content writing and digital or online marketing goes conjointly for the simple reason that better the contents, better the impression and better are the opportunities.

Writing content is nothing but describing the products and services in such an elaborating manner that attracts the prospects.

Today plenty of buying happens online on different channels, to make the product lucrative, write up on the product leaves a big impact. A well written material makes it easy for a prospect to connect with the business.


Content writing can be done in different ways, the commonly used formats are:
1. Product/Service Description:

This is the explanation and promotion strategy providing attributes and benefits. Description must contain relevant keywords to make it SEO friendly.

2. Website Contents:

Web content writing can be for blogs and for business. This requires comprehensive material to get better traffic.
Articles: Articles can be written on subjects that are endless. From anything to everything can be a content, may it be technical, studies, information, health, beauty and so on.

3. Emails:

Sharing contents through this tool is widely used. Sending newsletters, promotional offers, new developments is quite convenient. Engagement is maintained on regular basis.

4. Social Media Contents:

Most sought after and highly flourishing medium for marketing. Contents for promotions on different platforms stands a larger scope.

For all above, contents must be genuine, true and carry facts, any false information may lead to adverse effects.



3. WEB Development

Information or Internet technology has become the part and parcel in today’s life. All details, facts, figures and statistics are available at a click of mouse.

Web development is a process of creating and maintaining web site. A web site is collection of information on different pages of a website.

Web development can be categorized into the process of

1. Frontend Development:

This is the part of website that is seen by user while accessing it. Lay outs, graphics and other info available are available to users through front end development.

2. Backend development:

This is the part of website that a user cannot see as this is related to server where data is stored and retrieved for users.


The most popular platforms for website design are:

  1. WordPress
  2. Weebly
  3. Wix
  4. Shopify
  5. Jimdo


4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works on the principle of promoting any other company’s products or services through your networks. This includes websites, writing emails or social media channels and in turn getting paid commissions.

This method of marketing has become very popular method for making money.


It involves four elements that completes the transaction cycle.


1. Seller or Merchant:

This is the entity that sells products or services through the collaboration with any group or individual who promotes the products or services.

2. Affiliate Marketer:

Firstly, individuals or group gets associated with the selling agency. Secondly, they start promoting the products on the channels and assist the sales to happen.

3. The Buyer:

Anyone who is interested in products and services. Once satisfied, makes the purchase through the affiliate promotion.

4. Network or Platform:

Sales of products or services occur through the platforms on which they are connected through the links. These links are available on Affiliate’s channels.

Other than purchases, revenues are generated through lead generation and clicks also. Further, Affiliate marketing has ease to work from any location, age is no bar, no time limit and is available round the clock.

Commonly used Affiliate Marketing Platforms: Amazon Associate, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, Shopify. There are many others working on different offerings.


5. Email Marketing

Email is the oldest form of digital communication that perhaps started somewhere in seventies. Over the years, Email has grown to become effective and inexpensive method of communication and promoting products and services. It has impact in both digital and direct marketing.

Email marketing is highly impactful and easily accessible to mases on computers and mobile phones. Anticipated users by next year are likely to be in the range of approximately four and a half billion.

Email practices for effective output

1. Building Audience List:

To reach out to maximum prospects, prepare a big list to spread the word. It is advised not to go with the purchased list. It should be a consent list which is made after research and contacts.

2. Audience Segregation:

By splitting the list of existing and expected buyers as per their requirements. This will help in creating and sending relevant contents for better attention and results.

3. Use of Atomization:

With this process, sending Emails at scheduled time and to targeted audience without much of efforts as this done by available tools.

4. Monitor & Analyze:

This is very important to know the functionality of campaigns. With the availability of automation tools, creating, scheduling and sending to numbers of customers has become very simple.

Some of the automated Email marketing platforms are

Mailchimp, Cakemail, Drip, GetResponse, Benchmark, MailerLite, ConvertKit, SendinBlue, SendPulse.


6. Video Channel

The most popular and tried method today is having own video channel specially on YouTube. Billion of users make their presence on YouTube everyday for watching videos on different topics. This is the second largest search engine today.

Although there are many others video sharing platforms available, however, YouTube is the leader and most watched. For promotions of brands, courses, marketing campaigns and with endless ideas, YouTube is one channel that serves everything.

Creating a video channel at YouTube is simple that requires few steps. Decide on the niche for creating videos.

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. If Google account is not there, register and create one.
  3. Use the Google account to create a new YouTube channel.
  4. Customize the Channel.
  5. Adding basic Information to the channel makes it ascertainable.
  6. Uploading elements to the channel helps in branding.
  7. Use layout options.
  8. Upload videos for viewers.

Brainstorm the topics and maintain the frequency of uploading the videos so the viewership increases. Also, channel has the chance to monetized meeting the criteria of one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watching time.


7. APP Development

World has high interconnection today and this is why mobile applications have become an utmost necessity. Apps have altered how people communicate. These apps enable them to connect to merchants, news, and other sources. It’s now a reality that these apps are becoming a part and parcel of our everyday lives.

While it is possible to develop native apps for each of the major mobile platform’s iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, this can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. An alternative approach is to use a cross-platform development tool such as Xamarin or Appcelerator Titanium.

Choose a professional agency for development.

1. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to have a well-designed and developed mobile application. This will help you attract more customers and retain them.

2. When you try to develop an app on your own, it will take a lot of time and effort. Professional agency will take care of everything from start to finish.

3. The agency will also help to make more money in the long run. Develop an app with their support. This will be used by a large number of people and will help in generating a lot of revenue.


8. Graphic Designer

Even if you’re not looking to change careers. There are many ways to make money as a side hustle by leveraging your graphic design skills.

If you love creating graphics and design, then what better way to earn some money? Create value in exchange for a value of your own. Graphic design is so versatile, you can offer it as a service for just about anything? T

his can include small businesses looking for logos or websites, individuals who want professional headshots or wedding invitations. The sky is truly the limit.

While graphic design may seem like a career you can make a ton of money in, if you’re just starting out, it’s better to find smaller jobs online. While there are lots of clients who will be willing to pay good amount for an hour or two of your time, don’t forget that it may take some time before you establish yourself and your work.

You can start by doing basic graphic design tasks such as working on small business sites or app ideas.

Learn To Price Yourself. It will be tough entering in design market but make sure you know what you’re worth. Build Relationships. People like working with people they know and trust, which means building social capital early on can have an exponential impact down the road when you need their help for something big.

Add Value On top of a Service. There are so many freelance graphic designers out there. Tough competition will always be there. This is where offering an extra service can come in handy.


9. Podcasting

Starting your own podcast can seem like a daunting task. But once you learn the basics, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be. Podcasting has been a useful platform to engage with your audience, connect with people interested in your industry, and even make money.

With podcasts growing in popularity, it can be an easy way to make money or gain exposure through interviews and advertising. There are two main categories of podcasts: episodic and serial. Episodic podcasts feature a variety of different programs, while serial podcasts follow one particular topic or story.

Podcasts can be with solo host means an individual running the show or multi hosts with two or more participants. Write a script of content, set up the equipment and take a trial before starting the recording.

Choosing the right concept for your new podcast is most important parameter for attracting the right listeners and staying committed to the show. Choose the format that should be complementing the podcast.

Choose right type of equipment for starting a podcast. The quality of audio is important. Two types of mics are USB and XLR. USB version fis advised in the starting.


10. Course Creation

Online courses are a great way to earn additional money. The process of creating, promoting, and providing an online course can be very rewarding for some people, but it’s not for everyone.

Decide on a topic, a unique selling proposition, and create your course outline. You can go through this step by step.

Ensure to create a detailed outline of each section and how much time is needed to complete each section or module.

Create content for all sections of your course or at least most of them. You need all sections before releasing the product into the wild because this gives customers peace of mind that their purchase will be worthwhile when they sign up!

Most platforms require at least one lesson per week during production stages so plan accordingly depending upon what type of material needs developing; eBooks tend not to require as much time spent researching while video courses might take longer than audio-only ones due to editing/production requirements so keep those factors in mind when setting deadlines too.



10 skills that can pay $10k per month is a guide.

This is to be adopted by individuals as per their choice.

You like money and want to earn money. This requires lot of conviction and dedication. Continuity is the key to move ahead. It does take some time, but at the end of day produces results.

What would you like to take from –

10 Skills that can pay $10k per month.


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